Appayon actually means hospitality It's a place where comfort, warmth and hospitality go hand in hand with great tasting food, always made fresh and served with love.

At Appayon, we take pride in cooking up authentic Indian dishes that are prepared from scratch using only high-quality ingredients. We've been cooking for over 25 years and our customers come back to taste the difference.

Famously friendly service

You'll feel right at home the minute you walk into Appayon - it's been our goal for over 25 years to make sure every customer has a great experience. We offer free parking behind the restaurant And, should you need anything extra, just ask Dave the owner! He will always do his best to help.

Happy Dining
Chicken Biryani
Indian Dish
Men Making Crepes
Vegetarian Thali



A Cook’s Reputation Is Often Based on Their Curry

An excellent Indian curry balances spices in perfect proportion. Every cook has its own blend. Every region has different characteristics of a good curry. Incidentally, the word curry is rarely used in India.

With over 10+ years of experience under the toque, our chefs have worked to deliver the Poynton area with a unique culinary experience that has delighted tasters near and far. With a focus on exceptional quality and bold flavours, our chefs have made the world of authentic cuisine unconditionally fun and accessible. Come enjoy our delightful menu, hand-crafted by some of the greatest food connoisseurs in the world.

Vegetarian Thali